T8 Double Tube
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T8 Double Tube

  • SKT8-PIG60/90/120/150

T8 Glass tube with plastic inside


T8 glass tube with plastic inside, special design.

Features :

1). More stable quality, compared to regular glass tube .—For regular glass tube, the chip board is fixed inside the tube by glue. so the chip board has risk to fall off after some time usage. You can check the attachment. Besides, the phosphor inside the tube is also easy to fall off after some time usage, a little like CFL.

While for glass tube with plastic tube, the chip board is fixed through the card slot inside plastic tube. It would always keep stable.

2). More safe— The inner plastic tube would help to avoid the risk of the electric shock, even if tube being broken.

3). No light spot, even light —There will be no light spot and more even light due to the inner plastic tube.

4). More consistent and stable— It could be produced onto automatic production line, so the quality will be more consistent and stable.


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